We meet every Sunday at 10am

Our Sunday service at Rugby Elim is an opportunity for us to join together in passionate worship, listen to life giving teaching and celebrate all that God has done in our lives as individuals and as a church community. We passionately believe that meeting together each week, with our eyes on Jesus, strengthens our faith and encourages us.

If you are considering visiting our church, we would love to see you and welcome you.  We are a diverse community of ordinary people who have found faith, hope and life in an extraordinary person, Jesus.  We have a drop off creche and groups for kids and young people aged 3-16.

Why not try out a Sunday with us?


Current Sunday teaching series:


For the next three Sunday mornings (22nd/29th April and 6th May) Simon will be teaching on the key themes and ideas which are found in this powerful, and yet profoundly simple parable.  We will be looking at the three characters in the story: the Father, the younger son and the older brother.  He'll be touching on themes of grace, patience, shame and honour, pride and humility and unconditional love.  

Please come open to the whisper of the Holy Spirit to stir your heart a fresh for those people you love and care about, who are far away from the Father so you may have a new passion to see them home in his presence.