On Sunday 7th October, Pastor Simon launched a brand new vision for our church with its foundations found in Zechariah 2.

“Run, tell that young man, ‘Jerusalem will be a city without walls because of the great number of people and animals in it.  And I myself will be a wall of fire around it,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will be its glory within.'" (Zechariah 2:4-5)

We believe wholeheartedly that the Father is calling us to become a church without walls, Presence-Led, Mission-Minded and Kingdom-Focused.

Please do re-listen to these messages by clicking on the links below:

Week 1 - People Matter To God
Week 2 - Zechariah 2:4-5
Week 3 - A People Without Walls
Week 4 - Presence-Led
Week 5 - Mission-Minded